The kenki Story

The name “kenki” is derived from the Chinese characters “錦軒” (gum heen), translating into English as a treasure cove full of riches and jewels containing in addition the most delicate of items fit for a beautiful lady.


Established in 1998, sparked off by the founder’s own fascination with Eastern/Chinese traditional clothing especially those with embroidery.  What started off only as counter sales through department stores have now evolved into multiple independent stores in Hong Kong.  Today, kenki is one of the leading retailers of ethnic clothing in Hong Kong with clientele spanning across the globe.


Over the past few years, kenki has continued to modify traditionally-styled Chinese garments with modern fabrics and patterns that are not only easy to wear and functional, but also comfortable without compromising elegance and style.  Popular items include quilted jackets, cheongsams, pants, skirts, blouses, and kung fu jackets, to name a few.  Materials used include heavy silk jacquards, embroidered and brocaded silks and satins, fine luxurious linens as well as printed cottons.  Included in our accessories line are embroidered washed shawls, sequined and embroidered evening handbags, tissue boxes, and imitation jade pendants with specially matched neckpieces.


The highly-skilled master craftsmen who produce the majority of kenki’s garments employ traditional hand-stitching techniques such as embroidery, beading, and sequining.  Paramount to our success is a dedicated management team that exercises the utmost care over the quality control of our garments and hence 100% customer satisfaction. 


The majority of our stock items are for ladies but we also carry a few selected items for the oriental inspired gentlemen.